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A-Z of Themed Courses

11+ Preparation Course

Expert-led tutorials in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning for the ISEB 11+ Common Pretest and other 11+ tests.

Course description

Small online groups facilitated by experienced 11+ teachers.

Courses can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Why not team up with a group of friends and do a course together?

Duration — 12 tutorials, two per week for six weeks

Level — Year 5 and 6

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11+ pre-test common entrance exam admissions scholarship

Additional Mathematics

An essential Bridging Course for those in their GCSE year taking Maths for A level.

Course description

Be in a stronger position to start A level Maths with this accredited course following the Additional Maths (OCR) specification. Learn new concepts, improve confidence and technique with an experienced Maths teacher. 

Topics include:

  • Polynomials (Long Division, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem)

  • Sequences (Binomial Theorem, Recurrence Relations)

  • Coordinate Geometry (Equation of a Circle)

  • Probability and the Binomial Distribution

  • Logarithms and Exponentials

  • Numerical Methods (Iteration)

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Calculus Applications to Kinematics

Duration — 12 one-hour tutorials over 6 weeks

Level — GCSE students who are taking Maths for A level

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Maths Statistics Mechanics Revision Oxford Tutors

Animals and Ethics

If animals could talk, would we still eat them? A philosophical insight into the current issue of meat-eating.

Course description

Join us to look into the different ethical approaches to eating animals.

On this course we take a philosophical and modern look at the morality around eating animals as we look at the major ethical theories on this issue. We’ll be tackling issues such as sentience, identity, our status as humans and the trade-off between a ‘yummy’ meal and inflicting pain.

Where do you stand? Can you defend your opinions? Find out on this course!

Duration — one session per week for 4 weeks

Level — 14+

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animals ethics

An Introduction to Astrophysics

A look at Astrophysical phenomena such as Black Holes, Stars and Supernova, Galaxies and Dark Matter, Planetary Orbits and Rockets.

Course description

Using problems from the British Astrophysics Olympiad, this course introduces key methods of working which may be applied across all STEM subjects.  It serves as an excellent primer for university Physics.

Duration — six one-hour tutorials

Level — Year 13 (Upper Sixth)

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astrophysics Oxford Cambridge University Admissions Physics Maths Oxford Tutors online tutoring tuition courses

Beyond History

This course will consider some of the biggest questions concerning the study of History.

Course description

We’ll discuss questions such as

  • What is History?

  • Why study History?

  • Can History give us answers?

  • Is there a correct way to do History?

We will survey how these questions have been approached in the past. In doing so, students will gain a grounding in the philosophy of History and develop their critical thinking skills. It will be perfect both for those seeking to study History at university level and those who merely have an interest in the subject.

Duration — six one-hour tutorials

Level — Sixth Form students, History university applicants

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History Oxford Cambridge Oxbridge courses online tutoring admissions preparation

Coding for Beginners

Get a head-start for the digital IT age — learn to program a computer!

Course description

Get a head-start for the digital IT age — learn to program a computer!  On this course, you will learn to write your own games in Python. Designed for beginners, so no prior knowledge is required.

Duration — 6 sessions of 90 minutes each

Level — 10-13 year olds

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Coding Course Oxford Tutors learn to code in Python

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for the BMAT and TSA

If you’re taking the BMAT or TSA as part of your Oxbridge, Medicine or Dentistry application, then this course is for you.

Course description

This one-to-one course will cover all of the different question-styles in the TSA 1 and BMAT Paper 1, giving tips and tricks to help your score stand out. Learn how to improve your accuracy and speed. Taught by someone who ranked in top 1% in their own Oxbridge TSA.

Duration — ten 45-minute tutorials, two per week for five weeks

Level — perfect for those taking the BMAT or TSA in November this year

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BMAT TSA Oxford Cambridge Admissions Tests Medicine Dentistry Veterinary

Introduction to Design

Designing the Future: The Art and Science of Design

Course description

Since the first stone tool, humans have used design to make everyday life easier (more functional) and better (more beautiful). This interplay between form and function is the basis of this course. We will be looking into the basics of design as a discipline, from the point of view of creators, makers and users. Designing the future requires understanding the history of design, the creative, artistic and scientific process behind design, the process of production, and ultimately, the end users.

The course features practical tasks to be completed between classes, and subsequent feedback. Progress is guaranteed, and our students report staggering progress in creative work and design.

Topics include:

  • 2D Design I — illustration, fonts, patterns, symbols

  • 2D Design II logos, websites, infographs

  • 3D Industrial & Object Design from weapons to zero gravity water bottles

  • 3D Furniture Design from the chair to the homeless shelter

  • 3D Tech Design  from the iPhone to immersive VR/AR technology

  • 3D Transport Design — from hoverboards to cars

This course is perfect for individuals or small groups interested in pursuing Design, Business, Marketing, Art, Architecture, Psychology, and Art History.

Duration — 8 one-hour tutorials over 8 weeks

Level — 13-19 year olds

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Design Oxford Tutors online courses Oxbridge admissions Cambridge

Economics of the COVID-19 Pandemic

A live case study of how the pandemic is affecting people, businesses and governments in the UK and globally.

Course description

This course will cover how economic models can explain the effects that we have been seeing, and how they can be used to make predictions about what might happen next. It will also look at some key ideas from behavioural economics and at how we can apply them to the real world problems that we are experiencing. The course will update as the situation develops.

Duration — 8 one-hour sessions over 8 weeks

Level — Year 10 to 13. The course can accommodate both those who have and have not formally studied Economics.

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Economics Oxford Tutors Oxbridge university admissions online tuition tutoring courses

Engaging Science

A series of popular Science workshops ranging from Physics and Chemistry to Biology and Psychology.

Course description

A general and stimulating introduction to Science.

Topics include:

  • Scientific Inquiry — What makes a good experiment, what is the reasoning for science, why is it important? Meet some famous scientists.

  • Biology — How does the human digestive system work?

  • Physics — Our Solar System

  • Psychology — Social Psychology, famous experiments, exercises to complete with a focus on obedience

  • Biology — How do we hear and see? Includes some optical and auditory illusions.

  • Physics — Electricity, from microchip to the sun: How we can generate it, and how does it work? With a focus on renewable energy.

  • Chemistry — The Chemistry of Cooking

  • Psychology — An introduction to Developmental Psychology: How do we form relationships? A look at animals and humans.

  • Biology — How does the body fight infection?

Duration — nine 90-minute tutorials

Level — 11-15 year olds

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Science Oxford Tutors online tutorials courses Oxford Cambridge University admissions

Free Online Maths Workshops

Send in your Maths questions, and an Oxford University Maths graduate will explain how to solve them, step by step.

Course description

Join our free online Maths workshops — part of our commitment to keeping children learning constructively.

Click the button below and send in your Maths questions!

To be kept informed of dates and times, please follow Oxford Tutors on Facebook and Instagram.

Duration — 1 hour a week

Level — 11+, 13+, GCSE, A level and IB

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Oxford Tutors IGCSE Maths Revision help

Inside the Human Body

Find out more about how the human body works.

Course description

The nervous system, the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and excretory systems work in isolation and in cooperation. We will apply our knowledge to the most popular diseases that affect each system.

Duration — 3 one-hour sessions over 3 weeks

Level — 13+, GCSE, A level

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human biology Oxford Tutors online course tutoring Oxbridge admissions

An Introduction to Italian Language and Culture

An insight into la dolce vita — the good life …

Course description

Lessons are very much based on the oral aspect and focus on the basics of this beautiful language as well as covering daily life and culture, attitudes to food, family and a little politics.

We will learn how to meet and greet, introduce ourselves, explain where we live, talk about family, order the all important cappuccino (never after 11am!), perfect pasta and what Tiramisu is really all about.

Italy remains one of the most popular destinations in Europe and this course aims to help the potential traveller to enjoy it to the max and meet the locals with confidence.

Duration — four 45-minute sessions over 4 weeks

Level — 13-18 year olds

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Italian Oxford Tutors online courses language tutoring


Skills for success and confidence

Course description

This course was delivered internationally, in Asia and in Europe, to great success and fantastic feedback. Unlike most leadership courses, which stem from motivational speaking and soft skills, and are often delivered by lecturers with a background in economics, PR and marketing, our course is unique, as it is based on behavioural sciences and neurosciences. In other words, it uses empirical research, data and neuropsychology to build up skills, change behaviours, and establish confidence.

The course consists of lectures, discussions, practical assignments, and is tailored to the students’ specific needs, be it creative thinking, social skills, people management, or public speaking. Some of the topics are:

  • The Science of Leadership — applied social, personality and organisational psychology

  • The Art of Leadership — history or leadership, applications, examples

  • The Skill of Leadership — skillsets such as debate, public speaking, demeanour, organisation

  • Special topics — we tackle include procrastination, focus, drive, determination, time management, mnemonics, strategy

Each section features practical assignments, and a bespoke approach.

Duration — 6 one-hour tutorials over six weeks

Level — 14+

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Leadership Oxford Tutors online courses tuition interview preparation Oxbridge Cambridge

Life in the Age of Extinction

An opportunity to discover more about threats to biodiversity, from climate change to invasive species, overfishing and more.

Course description

Learn how life on earth is changing, and find out about possible solutions that could allow both humans and wildlife to thrive.

Duration — 6 one-hour sessions over 6 weeks

Level — 15-19 years olds

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life extinction Oxford Tutors online courses tuition tutoring

An Introduction to Linguistics

A look at one of humanity’s most mysterious — but most important — tools.

Course description

Humans talk all day long … so much so that we take it for granted.  But how do we do it?  And why?  Linguistics is the scientific study of how language works, where it comes from, and how and why it changes.  If you have ever wondered how and why we talk, this course is for you.

Topics include:

  • The origin of spoken language, and why only humans can do it

  • How and why languages change over time

  • Phonetics: the production and comprehension of speech

  • How language is stored in the brain, and how we know

  • How we learn our first language

  • Sociolinguistics: how language expresses who we are

  • Sociolinguistics: politeness and gender

  • Pidgins and Creoles

No previous knowledge of Linguistics required, nor do you need to speak multiple languages.  All that is required is an interest in the mechanics of this most remarkable (yet overlooked) of human abilities.

Duration — eight 75-minute tutorials

Level — students aged 15+ who have studied a language and want to know more.  Knowing a second language is not essential.

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Linguistics Oxford Tutors Oxbridge Admissions online tutoring

Mathematical Art

How are Mathematics and Art linked? We will move through different historical societies and time frames and look at tessellation, compass constructions and art created using algorithms.

Course description

Over four sessions, we will look at:

  • Tessellation, exploring how and why some shapes tesselate and others don’t. Also looking at different methods to create beautiful tessellations. 

  • Compass constructions, how to use compasses and a straight edge (ruler) to construct different shapes and angles.

  • How to use the compass constructions to create mathematical art, starting from a circle and a set of construction lines.

  • Using algorithms to create art

You will need a pencil, eraser, compass, a ruler (or a straight edge) and white paper. You may wish to use brush pens or markers but these aren’t essential. 

Duration — 4 one-hour sessions

Level — Beginners to mathematical drawing, from year 6 up to year 11. The course will link to GCSE Maths, however this isn’t a requirement to enjoy the drawing side. 

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Mathematical Art Oxford Tutors online courses

The Mysteries of the Brain

Find out more about how your brain works.

Course description

We will explore some of the brain functions such as emotions, memory, the senses, sleeping and waking, and the stress response.

Duration — 3 one-hour sessions over 3 weeks

Level — 13+, GCSE, A level

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human brain Oxford Tutors online course Cambridge University admissions tutoring


Mind × Brain: How does the brain shape our thoughts and behaviour?

Course description

What is a brain and what is a mind? And what is the conncetion between the two? (How) do we think with a piece of meat? What do brain cells do? Did my brain just read ‘connection’ right although it was misspelled?

Neuroscience is a broad, diverse and exciting field that spans from cellular to cultural neuroscience. This course offers a brief intro to the strange history of neuroscience and an overview of most fascinating neuroscientific themes such as control of speech and movement, weird disorders of the brain, memory and super-memory, learning mechanisms, thinking, emotions and addiction, lucid dreaming, attention, and consciousness.

The course covers the basics of nervous system structure and function, from brain as a whole to a single nerve cell. Students will get a chance to study neuroscientific methodology such as brain imaging and behavioural neurophysiology, and to develop their own ideas about the brain.

Among other concepts, students will study:

  • Brain structure and neuroanatomy

  • Brain function such as memory, speech, problem solving, decision making, vision, motor function

  • Brain Disorders — What is something goes wrong? Using the knowledge from previous tutorials, we will look into mental disease, strange disorders, from weird phobias to serious hallucinations. In the end, we will conclude that—knowing how the brain works—our entire experience of the world is one big fat hallucination anyway.

Duration — 8 one-hour tutorials over 8 weeks (or a shorter course of 4 tutorials over 4 weeks)

Level — 13-19 year olds (small groups), adults (one-to-one)

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Neuroscience Oxford Tutors online courses Oxbridge admissions preparation Cambridge

Oxbridge Admissions Preparation

Oxbridge, Medicine and Law.  Complete support covering your entire university application, from start to finish. Simply the best way to prepare.

Course description

Quadruple your chances of gaining a place!

Oxbridge applicants who were supported by Oxford Tutors this year were more than 4 times as likely to be offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge universities than the average.  75% of students who accessed our services for admissions test preparation, and had at least two mock interviews, achieved an offer from either Oxford or Cambridge.

Oxford Tutors Oxbridge offer rates for 2020:

  •  nearly 7 times more likely for Mathematics

  •  4 times more likely for Economics, Natural Sciences and English

  •  3 times more likely for Law and Engineering

We’ll help you choose the right College, write a winning personal statement, and excel in your admissions test and at interview.

Our expert mentors have all successfully gained places at Oxbridge and have first-hand experience of the process.

There’s no better way to prepare for entrance to Oxbridge.

Duration — Programmes tailored to suit individual needs. The 75-hour programme is our most popular.

Level — For those applying to university this year

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Oxbridge admissions Cambridge Oxford interviews tests online tutoring

Performance Coaching

Challenge frequently-occurring thinking errors which often lead to anxiety and procrastination — such as automatic negative thoughts, self-doubt and over-estimating stressors.

Course description

Students in different year groups face different challenges. With this in mind, I have created unique 4-step and 6-step coaching programmes for each year group, offered as either individual online coaching sessions, or online small-group sessions.

In online performance coaching, we work collaboratively on developing the right mindset to not only cope, but to optimise your child’s well-being and performance by unlocking their full potential.

My tools and activities are cutting-edge and uniquely tailored for each student I work with, stemming from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Positive Coaching Psychology, Sports Psychology and Life Coaching.

Duration — 4-6 sessions, one per week

Level — 12-18 year olds

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Performance Coaching Boy Desk

The Philosophy of Robots

Can robots really think? A critical look into artificial intelligence and its implications for humans.

Course description

Join us to explore the background of blockbuster films like Ex Machina and delve into questions like: Is that robot smarter than me? Can robots ‘feel’?

This course will serve as an introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, and a good start for anybody looking to approach the modern era with a critical eye!

Duration — one session per week for 4 weeks

Level — 15+

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philosophy of robots

Physics in Film

An exploration of some of the best — and worst — physics in films.

Course description

We will explore the concepts of radiation, waves, relativity and mechanics through Hollywood blockbusters. Each session will explore a key concept in physics by investigating scenes in popular films.

This course is perfect for individuals or small groups looking at studying Physics to degree level.

Topics include:

  • Mechanics — we’ll use the movie Speed to look at SUVAT equations and decide whether the jump at the end is actually possible with a bus

  • Waves/Radiation — we’ll examine the infamous ‘nuked fridge’ scene in Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to explore radiation penetration through materials, and the movie Alien to explore sound waves and why no one can hear you scream in space

  • Relativity — we’ll look at scenes from Interstellar and Contact to explore time dilation and space-time warping

  • Mechanics — we’ll use 2001: A Space Odyssey to look at circular motion for artificial gravity

Duration — 4 one-hour tutorials over 4 weeks

Level — perfect for A level Physics students

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Physics in Film Oxford Tutors Oxbridge Admissions online tuition

An Introduction to Physics A level

An essential Bridging Course for those in their GCSE year taking Physics for A level.

Course description

Be in a stronger position to start A level Physics. Learn new concepts, improve confidence and technique with an experienced Physics teacher. 

The course will look at motion, heat and waves.  We will start each topic with a GCSE refresher, then look at some A level problems which can be solved with GCSE knowledge, before introducing a new key concept that students will meet in the A level course. 

Topics include:

  • Projectile Motion

  • Combined Gas Laws

  • Double Slit Interference

Duration — 6 one-hour tutorials

Level — GCSE students who are taking Physics for A level

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Physics Oxford Tutors Online Tutorials


An Exploratory Introduction to Human Nature

Course description

A Psychology course taught from a humanities perspective.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Psychology, from the roots to now.

  • Social Psychology — Obedience and some classic studies e.g. Asch, Milgram.

  • Attachments — How humans form relationships

  • Memory — What are our memories like? Why do we forget, and how to we enhance our memories?

  • Forensic Psychology — Theories on why people commit crimes.

  • Sleep and Dreaming — Why do we sleep, why do we dream? Looking at humans and animals too.

  • Disorders — OCD, Depression, and Phobias. What are these disorders and what are the current treatments available?

  • Language — How do we speak? Looking at early infants.

  • How to carry out an experiment in Psychology — Ethics and Conclusions, Consolidation.

Duration — nine 90-minute tutorials

Level — 13-18 year olds

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Psychology Oxford Tutors tuition online Oxbridge Admissions Interview preparation

Social Psychology

What makes us follow the opinion of the majority? Why do we obey authority?

Course description

On this course, you will learn about the influence of our own personality and the situation we find ourselves in on our behaviour. We will discuss how we can fight these influences, and more importantly, how to get our voice heard when we find ourselves in minority. We will talk about interesting studies and discuss some of the most staggering findings in psychology. Finally, you will be given a chance to apply your knowledge to design your own study, for which you will receive feedback.

Topics include:

  • Research Methods: Experimental Method

  • Research Methods: Correlational Studies

  • Research Methods: Case Studies and Self-Reports (interviews, questionnaires)

  • Obedience and Milgram’s Electric Shock Study

  • Obedience: Situational Explanation, Hofman’s Nurse Study, Bickman’s Study

  • Obedience: Dispositional Explanation

  • Conformity: Normative Social Influence (Asch’s Line Study)

  • Conformity: Informational Social Influence (Jenness’ Jellybeans Jar Study)

  • Conformity to Social Roles (Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Study)

  • Minority Influence: Consistency, Commitment and Flexibility; Moscovici Study

  • Resistance to Social Influence

  • Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

  • Feedback on Practice: Design and plan your own study

Duration — 13 one-hour tutorials

Level — 16+

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Psychology Oxford Cambridge University Admissions Online Courses Tutor

STEP Mathematics

Bridge the gap between Sixth Form Maths and university studies.

Course description

Ideal for students going on to read Physics, Engineering or Maths at university.

Duration — six one-hour tutorials

Level — Year 13 (Upper Sixth)

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Maths Oxford Cambridge admissions test tutoring university Physics Engineering

Yoga for a Clear Mind and a Happy Body

Course description

You’ve spent all day inside, at your desk or on the sofa or on your bed, studying. Now your brain feels frazzled. Let’s enjoy a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices that will clear your head and stretch out your body so that you feel both relaxed and refreshed. What’s not to like about that?

Zoë is a RYT200 yoga teacher, based in Switzerland, who’s been teaching teens and adults yoga for five years, and who writes for Om Yoga and Lifestyle magazine.

Duration — Up to an hour, once a week, for a month

Level — 12-18 year olds

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Yoga Oxford Tutors balanced lifestyle

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Xxx had a truly great day on the IGCSE Maths Revision Course. I have tried to get her to say what she would improve but she said she really couldn’t think of anything that she would change. The venue was perfect with a lovely garden to have breaks in, the timings perfect, the food does seem to have been a really wonderful highlight – maybe you could give some details of this in advance to advertise the delicious lunch and snacks! Also mention that they get given a pack with a workbook on the day. Xxx said it really helped her confidence and it was actually fun! The content was perfect, the group size worked well, the breaks well timed … Her feedback was all positive so thank you so much …

— Parent of a GCSE student

Wow! There is no single word that would put into context how great my tutors have been. The care they put in and the extent to which they will strive to make sure you understand every question is second to none. I ended up receiving an A in every subject, which would definitely not have been possible without them. With Oxford Tutors you get much more than just a tutor. You can really connect, due to their great ability to understand how to build self-confidence and to comprehend where people are struggling. In my opinion they have exceeded every expectation I had.

— A level student

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