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Is your child missing the social aspect of school?

Make the most of the opportunity to learn from home!

Why not team up with a group of friends, and have online lessons together?

We offer online tuition

  • one-to-one,

  • in pairs, or

  • in small groups of 3-6 students.

For those in year 10 or below, we can tailor a weekly programme.  For example, 3 hours a week of Maths, 3 hours of English, 3 hours of Science, 1-2 hours in each additional subject — making around 15 hours a week (3 hours a day).

For those in year 11, 12 or 13, weekly programmes can be devised to suit A level subjects and interests.

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All our tutors are experienced teachers from top Oxford schools, or members of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge — carefully selected for their world-class academic credentials, passion for their subject, and natural teaching ability. Oxford and Cambridge undergraduates, Masters and PhD candidates have undertaken our 7-step Tutor Training Programme.

Lessons take place on our online interactive whiteboard, which allows tutors and students to share resources (documents and images), annotate and make notes. These whiteboards are accessible between lessons, and the contents may be downloaded in pdf format for future reference. Audio/video is by means of a group Skype call, which runs seamlessly in conjunction with the whiteboard.

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What our students say

Xxx had a truly great day on the IGCSE Maths Revision Course. I have tried to get her to say what she would improve but she said she really couldn’t think of anything that she would change. The venue was perfect with a lovely garden to have breaks in, the timings perfect, the food does seem to have been a really wonderful highlight – maybe you could give some details of this in advance to advertise the delicious lunch and snacks! Also mention that they get given a pack with a workbook on the day. Xxx said it really helped her confidence and it was actually fun! The content was perfect, the group size worked well, the breaks well timed … Her feedback was all positive so thank you so much …

— Parent of a GCSE student

David is a such a professional, not just academically but as a good adviser for students. Xxx enjoyed the IGCSE Maths Revision Course very much with David and we regret we didn’t meet him earlier. As he does Maths for A level, we may have a chance to contact you again to arrange further lessons if he finds anything difficult during his further study.

—Parent of a GCSE student

Our son is so much more confident and seems to really enjoy Maths now. His last scores were 97% and 87% which he was thrilled about, a far cry from his usual 67%. So, thank you so much for really supporting him in regaining his confidence and love of the subject; he is determined to do it for A level.

—Parent of a GCSE student

My tutor’s personal and thorough teaching style has been without a doubt a deciding factor towards my being accepted to study at Imperial. He is an excellent teacher and a life mentor who will undoubtedly guide any student towards reaching his/her full potential, inspiring confidence and ultimately excellence.

—Student (International Baccalaureate, Maths Higher Level)

I am a former pupil of Oxford Tutors and I have nothing but praise for them. My tutor turned my GCSE into an A* and gave me the confidence to carry on Mathematics into A-level. They provide clear and effective tutoring for all levels. You can’t find better and hence I’ve decided to write this review. Fantastic!

—Student (GCSE and A-level)

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