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Oxford Tutors
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 202 reviews
by Mrs M on Oxford Tutors
School year: 13

The sessions have been extremely beneficial for my son and he has found David very supportive and easy to engage with. We are all very grateful for David's input and encouragement, which have made a real difference to my son's understanding and confidence.

by Mr J on Oxford Tutors
School year: 8

Fabulous. Lessons are proving superb - giving breadth and different perspective which is so useful to our daughter at this time. It’s great to see her growing in confidence on these subjects too. Excellent! Thank you very much again.

by Mrs V on Oxford Tutors
School year: 12

I really enjoyed my sessions with Flora. I found her very helpful and engaging. I'm glad to say I felt like I had achieved my goal of improving essay structure quickly and efficiently.

by Mrs W on Oxford Tutors
School year: 12

My daughter has found tutorials with Floss varied and challenging, both of which elements she has enjoyed. Floss has helped her to build confidence, has encouraged her to broaden her knowledge of current affairs relating to the subject, and has done a very good job of introducing her to what to expect at university admissions interviews. Many thanks to Floss.

by Mrs T on Oxford Tutors
School year: 13

My daughter very much appreciates John's organised, personalised and thoughtful approach.

by Mrs P on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

My son has found his tutorials with James really helpful, both in-person and online

by Mrs W on Oxford Tutors
School year: 12

My daughter found her session with Sophie very helpful. It helped her to add some detail to her university applications planning and she’s looking forward to more sessions as the time for applications gets closer. Many thanks to Sophie

by Mr J on Oxford Tutors
School year: 8

My daughter has been doing some tutor work in English and Maths - I am most impressed with Oxford Tutors and it is bringing to bear some home truths! The tailored one-on-one approach and application of “learning craft” is really impressive. Certainly to get another angle on learning is incredibly useful and helping to broaden her horizons and mindset.

by Mr J on Oxford Tutors
School year: 7

My son loved the Coding Course - he learnt huge amounts and has grown in confidence. It has been wonderful to see him so energised from learning and literally springing out of bed to get to work - apart from the one morning when he hadn’t set his alarm - which he was most upset about! Thank you very much for your brilliant course. It was very well-structured with the Google workbooks to download just prior to each lesson. I honestly believe a term’s work was covered in the 6 lessons.

by Mrs H on Oxford Tutors
School year: 5

My son enjoys every lesson with Dr Ben!

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