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Oxford Tutors
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 168 reviews
by Mrs C on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

My fifteen year old looks forward to her GCSE English tutorials with Lucy, who is a calm and expert tutor. She has identified the areas that need working on and tackled them systematically. Given that Lucy has been providing assistance in the few weeks before the exams, this highly focused approach is much appreciated and inspires confidence.

by Mrs C on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

Just a line to say how pleased we were with James: our son has really taken to him and says he found the two lessons this week really helpful. He is usually extremely resistant to too much handling, but he jumped at the chance to see James again when I suggested it.

by Mrs P on Oxford Tutors
School year: 6

Great with my son. Calm, kind and knowledgeable.

by J on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

James is very good and he helps get my understanding of maths better. The way he puts maths across is excellent and easily understandable. I enjoy him a lot

by Mrs D on Oxford Tutors
School year: 6

Following the entrance exams and subsequent interview I am delighted to say that our son has been offered a place at Abingdon School. We are delighted and wanted to thank Will for his patience and help. I am sure the tutoring he gave our son made a big impact on him and helped with this result.

by Mrs G on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

Good tutor. Would recommend to other students.

by Mrs B on Oxford Tutors
School year: 9

James has been extremely flexible and supportive throughout all of my daughter's lessons.

by Mr L on Oxford Tutors
School year: 11

Sophie is an exemplary tutor. Invariably punctual, well-organised and seems to be able to engage our son’s attention straight away (and sustain it). I would recommend her unhesitatingly.

by Mrs V on Oxford Tutors
School year: 10

Clare was a very thorough science teacher - she covered a lot of ground with my son, who was behind, and he was able to catch up with all the work and more.

by Mrs M on Oxford Tutors
School year: 13

Sally is a truly exceptional tutor. She is not only technically superb in terms of her subject knowledge but she has also three most valuable personal assets that set her decisively apart from other teachers. Firstly, she is a great communicator and has a rare ability to impart her knowledge in an accessible, simple (although never simplistic) and methodological way. Secondly, she has a natural gift for detecting weaknesses promptly and providing targeted support in the areas that are lacking knowledge or confidence. Thirdly, she is highly experienced in working with pupils under pressure - Sally possesses both an instinctive empathy for students stressed about their workload, and an innate ability to tailor her approach to her pupil’s personality infusing a sense of calm, control, empowerment and self-assurance.

Sally applies high standards not just to her students but importantly to her own work. She is highly organised and plans ahead, foreseeing potential difficulties before they arise making sure that these never materialise. She is very responsive and hard working. Her comments to pupils are clear, concise and carefully thought through; her reports to parents thorough and exhaustive. In all aspects of her work Sally’s attention to detail is immaculate.

As a real bonus (although one is truly not needed in her case!), Sally is very familiar with public exam board expectations having worked as an exam board moderator. She is highly conversant not only with the technical exam requirements but also has the experience of knowing how these are implemented in practice, adapting her approach to achieving personal academic heights when it comes to grades. Her work, however, is not simply paper results driven. Exceptionally, she also leaves her students an invaluable legacy of knowledge of how to analyse and tackle problems as well as developing in her pupils an inquisitive yet critical mind – a rare goal in today’s grade driven environment. Sally is a real gem of a teacher and I cannot speak highly enough of her tutoring.

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