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The Oxbridge Programme

We will support your entire university application,
from start to finish.

Simply the best way to prepare!

The Oxbridge Programme

The Oxbridge Programme consists of key modules to support you in making a competitive application.

We’ll help you choose the right college, write a winning personal statement, and excel in your admissions test and at interview.

Our expert mentors have all successfully gained places at Oxbridge and have first-hand experience of the process.

There’s no better way to prepare for entrance to Oxbridge.

Expert Advice

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Your Oxbridge Programme will include:

  • A personalised programme designed for you with tutors who have studied your chosen subject at Oxford or Cambridge

  • Academic foundation tutorials to help you in attaining the required grades

  • An academic extension course, including a personalised reading list and syllabus for your chosen subject

  • An independent research project

  • Support with drafting your Personal Statement

  • Specialist tutorials preparing for your admissions test(s), plus access to our original Mock Admissions Tests

  • Interview preparation tutorials to refine your technique

  • Mock Interview sessions with subject experts, with verbal feedback and written guidance

  • A place on our Admissions Test Day and Oxbridge Interview Preparation Day

  • Application mentoring from Oxbridge Admissions experts throughout

The Oxbridge Programme Timeline

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Oxbridge Admissions Programme modules

Recent reviews from Parents and Students

Thank you for all the help along the way with my university application and mock interviews. I’m so pleased to have an offer to study Human Sciences at Oxford University! I can’t wait to go, and look forward to coming to the Oxford Tutors office to say hi and catch up. Wishing you a great year and all the best!

—International Student (A-level)

We are thrilled that our daughter has a Cambridge offer, and thank you so much to you and all your team for guiding her so skilfully through the interview process! We are totally sure she has picked the right course and are so happy for her! Thanks again for all your support.

—Parent of an A-level student

My tutor’s personal and thorough teaching style has been without a doubt a deciding factor towards my being accepted to study at Imperial. He is an excellent teacher and a life mentor who will undoubtedly guide any student towards reaching his/her full potential, inspiring confidence and ultimately excellence.

—Student (International Baccalaureate, Maths Higher Level)

Just to let you know that I was offered a place from Queen’s College, Cambridge today. I’m over the moon and a little bit shocked! Thank you so much for all your help with interviews and the TSA — I couldn’t have got in without it!

—Student (A-level)

I was transformed from an average student to a prize-winner in less than a year. My tutor was comfortable explaining both basic and complex concepts – in both areas his enthusiasm for the subject is plain to see, through his genuinely passionate teaching style.

—Student (A-level)

We are delighted that our son has been made an offer to read Maths at his choice of college, Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He said he enjoyed the Oxbridge Interview Preparation Day arranged by Oxford Tutors, and that the interviews from Oxford Tutors were the most representative of his Maths interview at Cambridge. Thank you very much for giving him the advice and confidence to go in feeling prepared and to perform at his best on the day.

—Parent of an A-level Student

Nathan’s tutoring for both the NSAA and Cambridge interview gave the right balance between actual understanding and answering questions. As well as the hour tutorials, Nathan wrote solutions for mock NSAA papers, sent me practice interview questions, and gave regular summaries of my progress. With an offer for Natural Sciences at Cambridge, I can certainly recommend Oxford Tutors.

—Student (A-level)

My daughter has an offer from Cambridge University. We are so pleased for her! Thank you very much to you and your colleagues for supporting her on your Oxbridge Interview Preparation Day.

—Parent of an A-level student

The SATs tutorials with Marcus and Tim were very helpful. I scored a 740/800 for Physics and 800/800 for Math. The experience was great, they are great tutors and great people and they really helped me a lot.

—International Student (A-level)

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Oxbridge Advisor

Kate is an experienced Oxbridge advisor. She graduated from Hertford College, Oxford having studied Archaeology and Anthropology. Last year she completed an MSc in the Anthropology of Policy at Leiden University in the Netherlands before joining Oxford Tutors. She has ample tutoring experience at various levels. As a member of the Oxford Tutors full-time team, she has been heavily involved with Oxbridge admissions, helping students optimise their Personal Statements and delivering our Free Oxbridge Webinars.
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Oxbridge Advisor

Megan studied for a BA and Master’s in Classics at Oriel College, Oxford. She has helped students applying to study Classics, Philosophy, Linguistics and Ancient History at Oxbridge, looking over personal statements and written work as well as aiding preparation for entrance tests and interviews. Megan is also interested in education policy issues, having published a report and articles on the UK’s ‘languages crisis’. She is passionate about removing barriers to equal opportunities in education: she previously volunteered for Schools Plus Oxford, and enjoys mentoring and creating free resources to support disadvantaged pupils.

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