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Oxford Tutors
Average rating:  
 365 reviews
byMs S onOxford Tutors
School year: 8

I would give 1,000,000 stars if the scale permitted!

byMs D onOxford Tutors
School year: 8

Hilary is a great tutor. She has helped our daughter not only to get a grasp of solving mathematical problems in English, but also making maths fun for her.

byMr M onOxford Tutors
School year: 14

Dylan was a very good tutor. He engaged well with our son and helped him to become motivated about retaking his A Level. He taught the syllabus in a systematic and clear way so that learning was a pleasure.

byMs H onOxford Tutors
School year: 11

My son found Hannah extremely helpful and a very good tutor.

byMs C onOxford Tutors
School year: 12

Cathy has greatly improved my son’s understanding of requirements for English A level and really given him an appreciation of English literature that he didn’t really have before. We now enjoy conversations about Ibsen and Coleridge during meals and as an added bonus I am also getting re-educated vicariously! I believe she has greatly improved my son’s chances of getting good English literature grades and perhaps encouraged him to carry on his English studies at university.

byMs C onOxford Tutors
School year: 12

Thank you so much Barnaby. My daughter has completely changed her attitude to a positive one since she started tutoring with you. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done.

byMs J onOxford Tutors
School year: 13

My daughter found her tutor very clear and gave her lots of confidence for her exams.

byMs W onOxford Tutors
School year: 5

Jennifer is very organised and approachable, my daughter looks forward to her lessons with Jennifer.

byMs G onOxford Tutors
School year: 9

We have been very happy with the way Ben has conducted lessons with my son. We would love to continue lessons with Ben in September.

byMr O onOxford Tutors
School year: 12

Susannah is doing a fantastic job of tutoring my daughter, she has been really inspirational and helped to get her excited and enthused about the subject which has resulted in her getting a prediction of an A* so couldn't be much better!

byMrs S onOxford Tutors
School year: 8

I’m writing this email to give you an update and I’m pleased to tell you that my daughter has just received her academic scholarship from Charterhouse. I appreciate that you have helped her a lot during this process with her English and French although the exam format has changed last minute, nevertheless, she has definitely shown improvement in her CE French exams. Therefore, our family would like to express our gratitude for your help and she has really enjoyed all her lessons with you.

byMs G onOxford Tutors
School year: 11

Clare was a wonderful tutor. My son had very little interest in science, but somehow Clare managed to keep his attention every week. It definitely made a big difference to his final grades, and it was such a relief to know that he was being well looked after.

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