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 799 reviews
 by Mrs S
School year: 13

My daughter scored all 9s in her English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, French, History and Religious Studies, 8 in her Advanced Maths. She scored top of her school. Thank you so much for all your guidance and our special thanks to Katie and David who been an excellent teachers in her life.

 by Mrs T
School year: 12

Ben has been my son’s tutor for 2 years and counting. My son started taking Physics lessons from Ben during Year 10, through Year 11. Ben revamped Physics for him, he overhauled the subject in ways that cleared all the mental blocks that were there previously. His grade started in the range of 6-7 to a stable 9. Worth mentioning, Ben also is very attentive to the overall well-being of my son which I appreciate so much. He knows when to encourage and when to push such that he is always being built up and not exasperated. He is the best tutor my son has encountered and we are so glad that even in Year 12 and 13, Ben continues to guide him in Theory of Knowledge. Thank you Ben.

 by Mrs W
School year: 10

5 stars - thank you Eldona!

 by Mrs F
School year: 13

Jessica. What can we say?! She started out as a few sessions to unravel the complexities of the French Revolution and became a life coach/ friend/ therapist and generally amazing support to our daughter! They built up a lovely relationship and she really looked forward to her sessions. It's a great thing being able to ask any question about a subject and have a real expert work with you to a more complete understanding. We were very proud of our daughter's results and Jessica definitely had a big part in giving her the confidence to go for those big grades and believe in herself. She is missed already!

 by Mrs M
School year: 6 and 9

Ursula has been fantastic with both my children.

 by Mrs A
School year: 13

My daughter got a B in Drama which is fantastic and is very pleased which is down to Julie's expert teaching and encouragement, which massively boosted her confidence. She got an A* in Art and a B in English and so she got what she needed of 3 B’s and is going to study Fashion Design. We couldn’t be more delighted that she has conquered her fear of exams and is off to do a course which she is excited about.

 by Mrs M
School year: 12

Excellent - David has built up a strong rapport with our daughter; very good at teaching; encouraging; and providing helpful feedback.

 by Mrs T
School year: 7

Joseph is an outstanding tutor.

 by Mrs B
School year: 9

My son got 9 in Maths and scored 100 per cent in non-calculator Further Maths. Many thanks Ben!

 by Mr H
School year: 11

Thank you so much for all the help with my GCSE subject - because of you I managed to turn my mock result of a 6 to on the dot a 9. I was incredibly proud of the exam when doing it as I believe it showed all the progress that I made because of your help. Once again thank you so much for helping me gain a passion for Ancient Greek and somehow manage to receive a 9!

 by Mrs K
School year: 13

My daughter wanted to thank you and let you know that she got an A in Maths and the grades for Medical School. A huge relief (and she is very happy!) so thank you for all the help and support.

 by Mrs T
School year: 12

It gives me great pleasure to share that my son scored all 9s in his IGCSE exams; Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Special thanks to his tutors Ben, Geoff and Martyn, all who provided him with excellent teaching, spotting his blind spots and helping him overcome his weaknesses in addition to helping him to gain confidence in all three subjects. Heartfelt appreciation to you all.

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