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Why teach with Oxford Tutors?

  • We’re a friendly, professional and supportive team

  • You choose when, where and how many hours you want to work

  • We’ll carefully match you to the right students

  • All scheduling, invoicing, payments and administration handled for you

  • We value our tutors highly and reward them well

Do you have …

  • an excellent academic background,

  • natural communication skills,

  • genuine enthusiasm for your subject, and

  • a desire to help young people achieve their goals?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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The Oxford Tutors’ Experience

The ease of the systems at Oxford Tutors is ideal for teachers. Experienced education consultants interview clients to gauge the needs and personalities of pupils. Short, detailed pupil profiles are shared with teachers who are a best fit, and teachers can make informed choices about being presented to clients. This matching process is performed by the agency and is highly successful in ensuring enjoyable and productive tutor-pupil relationships.

The tutoring management software by Tutor Cruncher offers a streamlined report and payment system. The platform provides a useful calendar for scheduling lessons and a simple process for marking them complete. Once a short lesson report has been entered, payment is automatically applied to the tutor dashboard. This logging process ensures clients are informed of lesson content and learning progress, and tutors are able to view lesson records and current earnings in one place.

A final benefit for teachers is Oxford Tutors handles all matters of billing. Where Oxford Tutors is responsible for first engaging and then invoicing clients, no tutor time is given to these processes. Teachers can feel secure that Oxford Tutors is working for them, to furnish them with students and to ensure regular payment without issue. In the event of late cancellations, teacher time is protected by a 48-hour cancellation policy. Altogether these systems make for a smooth and satisfying teacher experience.

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