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Career Opportunities

Oxford and Cambridge Tutors is a dynamic and fast-growing company dedicated to providing our clients with a high-touch and personalised tutoring service. We are looking to recruit exceptional graduates with plenty of initiative and self-motivation, who are well-organised and work well in a team. Enjoy working in a nurturing and challenging start-up environment where your skills will be highly valued.

Our team members work on a variety of exciting projects, giving them the opportunity to develop skills ranging from programming and data, recruitment, to sales and marketing—and receive on-the-job training. With the team being relatively small and dynamic, team members also have opportunities for project management and leadership early on. These roles each come with a competitive remuneration package.

Universities Consultant and Schools Coordinator





Since starting at Oxford Tutors I have had so many opportunities to develop skills that I never knew I had! My favourite thing about the job is the variety of tasks I will be doing each day – from meeting with schools all over the world and designing bespoke support packages for them, to social media marketing – I have learnt so much in a short space of time. This learning is facilitated by the brilliant and supportive team here at Oxford Tutors. I am so glad that I chose to work for a small business after graduating, as it has meant that I have had the opportunity to work closely with my seniors and have a say in how the company works. This is a job where your opinion and creativity is really valued!

— Kate

Working as part of a small team means that I have a range of responsibilities, and I appreciate this variety in the job. I’ve worked closely with clients and schools, delivered sales pitches and webinars, and gained confidence with using WordPress, Mailchimp and Excel. I enjoy using my knowledge of Oxbridge and UCAS admissions to give useful advice that helps demystify the process to others, as well as getting opportunities to do some tutoring myself. The whole team are motivated by a strong belief in the value of education, and are always keen to get involved with pro bono projects.

— Megan

While working as an Oxbridge Intern at Oxford Tutors it was great to get involved in helping out with so many different parts of the business. The whole team was so supportive and welcoming and the atmosphere in the office was dynamic yet relaxed. I was able to work on the things that most interested me and really enjoyed being able to improve my coding skills whilst helping to automate some of the company’s processes. I can’t recommend an internship with Oxford Tutors highly enough!

— Archie

I was working for Oxford and Cambridge Tutors as an intern for about 4 months at the end of 2022. It was the perfect way to earn money whilst gaining some enjoyable experience and building a brilliant skillset. Going into the Oxford office each day was lots of fun and the whole team is super welcoming. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

— Joss

I have already developed so many skills after just a few months of working here. I have made a website and been consulted about future projects. There is the opportunity to get involved in the areas that interest you and the team is really supportive.

— Freya

I’ve been working for Oxford Tutors for just over 4 months now and since the very first week I’ve felt a welcome member of the team. I’ve learned loads and have been involved in all areas of the business, supported along the way by some brilliant and considerate colleagues. Since taking an interest in marketing I’ve also been able to specialise more in that area, and I’ve really felt my professional abilities and confidence grow.    

— Jeremy

I did not really know where my talents lay before Oxford Tutors. Having opportunities to look into and work on different projects in the company has helped me develop a real sense of my skills. The best part is that it is comprised of a team of smart, insightful people who have a shared belief in the value of education.

— Jack