The Oxford Tutors Experience

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The Oxford Tutors Experience

Oxford Tutors provides intuitive teachers’ – Recent Student

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Pupils and their families report high levels of satisfaction with the quality of instruction received from Oxford Tutors. Advanced subject knowledge, accessible teaching, assured professionalism and genuine care are key features of tutorials that clients appreciate. Confidence building through focused, individual attention ensures progress and enhances results, as pupils feel supported and motivated to develop their skills with expert guidance.

Where Oxford Tutors interviews and selects its teachers from a field of elite students and educators, parents and students can be assured tutors are subject experts and talented, charismatic teachers. Experienced education consultants at Oxford Tutors employ a personalised approach to matching students with teachers, pairing pupil needs with tutor expertise, and student learning styles with the character strengths of teachers.

Oxford Tutors teachers are world-class academics and high achievers, who love their subjects and aspire to ignite that same passion in students. The most effective teachers are avid students themselves, and this academic drive fuels tutorials, inspiring students to master subjects and to reach higher levels in their studies.

— Katie Musgrave

How Oxford Tutors can help

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Tutoring in a time of home working

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Whatever your educational stage, Oxford Tutors provides friendly advice and support, along with exceptionally talented tutors from top Oxford schools and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  From Year 3 upwards, through those all-important senior school entry years, via GCSE and A Levels, and through to Undergraduate studies, we can help you and your child realise your educational goals.

We have developed unique materials to help diagnose areas of weakness to ensure that your child’s and our combined efforts are focused on success.  Our experienced team of education advisors has decades of experience of private schools’ entry requirements to help you navigate the uncertainties of choosing a school to a happy and successful outcome.  We have an outstanding record of preparing candidates for Oxford and Cambridge admissions tests and interviews, pairing them one-to-one with successful past entrants and using our unique proprietary materials.

We recognise that the reasons for seeking tutoring support are many and varied, from international transfers, augmenting home teaching or reaching for those extra grades to secure the next stage of your child’s educational ambitions.  Successful tutoring turns on the fit between student and tutor which is key to building a successful relationship, so we have interviewed all our tutors in person to ensure they meet the gold standard that we require.

Many factors contribute to the success of tutoring. Oxford Tutors brings these together to provide an exceptional tutoring experience whether in the real or virtual world.  We may all be finding life rather static at present, but your child’s education doesn’t need to be.

— Laura, Education Consultant,