Additional Mathematics

Maths Bridging Course:
GCSE to A level

  • Accredited course following the Additional Maths (OCR) specification

  • Learn new concepts

  • Improve confidence and technique

  • Be in a stronger position to start A level Maths

  • Recommended for those taking Further Maths at A level

  • Highly experienced Maths tutor with proven track record of success

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Course details

Maths Bridging Course from GCSE to A level (Years 11-12)

Location   Online

Duration   Six 2-hour tutorials

Small classes   3 to 6 students

Course fee   £645

Dates and time   Next course 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 July 2021, 10.00-12.15 BST

Course materials   Notes and homework exercises provided for each tutorial

A written progress report each day

All aspects of the course can be adjusted and tailored to the needs of the group.

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12 targeted tutorials

Topics include:

  • Polynomials (Long Division, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem)

  • Sequences (Binomial Theorem, Recurrence Relations)

  • Coordinate Geometry (Equation of a Circle)

  • Probability and the Binomial Distribution

  • Logarithms and Exponentials

  • Numerical Methods (Iteration)

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Calculus Applications to Kinematics

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What our students say

Xxx had a truly great day on the IGCSE Maths Revision Course. I have tried to get her to say what she would improve but she said she really couldn’t think of anything that she would change. The venue was perfect with a lovely garden to have breaks in, the timings perfect, the food does seem to have been a really wonderful highlight – maybe you could give some details of this in advance to advertise the delicious lunch and snacks! Also mention that they get given a pack with a workbook on the day. Xxx said it really helped her confidence and it was actually fun! The content was perfect, the group size worked well, the breaks well timed … Her feedback was all positive so thank you so much …

— Parent of a GCSE student

David is a such a professional, not just academically but as a good adviser for students. Xxx enjoyed the IGCSE Maths Revision Course very much with David and we regret we didn’t meet him earlier. As he does Maths for A level, we may have a chance to contact you again to arrange further lessons if he finds anything difficult during his further study.

—Parent of a GCSE student

Our son is so much more confident and seems to really enjoy Maths now. His last scores were 97% and 87% which he was thrilled about, a far cry from his usual 67%. So, thank you so much for really supporting him in regaining his confidence and love of the subject; he is determined to do it for A level.

—Parent of a GCSE student

My tutor’s personal and thorough teaching style has been without a doubt a deciding factor towards my being accepted to study at Imperial. He is an excellent teacher and a life mentor who will undoubtedly guide any student towards reaching his/her full potential, inspiring confidence and ultimately excellence.

—Student (International Baccalaureate, Maths Higher Level)

I am a former pupil of Oxford Tutors and I have nothing but praise for them. My tutor turned my GCSE into an A* and gave me the confidence to carry on Mathematics into A-level. They provide clear and effective tutoring for all levels. You can’t find better and hence I’ve decided to write this review. Fantastic!

—Student (GCSE and A-level)

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